Double action Shakti  Washomat® ensures the superb and spotless washing of all kinds of fabrics and  garments with minimum soap and detergent, resulting in more economy and greater efficiency.  Allows free shrinkage during washing, to develop grains in case of Nylon georgette fabric.

Inner drum fabricated out of  stainless steel to eliminate the  possibility of corrosion of the fabric during washing. The same is perforated with embossed holes to avoid damage to the fabric.
Outer drum made out of heavy gauge galvanised sheet, having sliding window and pocket for feeding soap and detergent.
Totaly encosed motor with ‘V’ belt pulley drive, for  vibration-free working of  the machine.
Apart from the “START” INCH JESSE 90 and “STOP” switches provided on the machine, provision is  made for the inner drum reverse after every 6 or 8 rotations.


Experience for more than 25 years in the field of Washing Systems for the textile, Laundry and Garment industries, Shakti’s ‘Tumbler Drier is an extension of this quarter century experience.’

Uses of the Machine

  • Bulking, softening and drying of all types of knitted goods ,towels and other items in natural and synthetic fibers or blends.
  • Finishing for loop/pile fabric woven, circular or warp knitted.
  • Finishing of sewn terrycloth resulting in 40%more volume even without wetting
  • Finishing and drying of bath mats and imitation furs.
  • Bulking and relaxing to enhance structure of the goods.
  • Hank yarn processing and for fixing fleece, coated with polyurethane or PVC layer
  • Special finishing effect on woven, knitted or tufted goods.
  • Crushing effects on artificial leather of upholstery plush.
  • Drying of all types of textiles.
  • To meet to special requirement adjustments can be made for heat setting and removing optical color faults/creases.


  • Shakti Tumbler Driers are equipped with direct steam injection , enabling the finishing of yarn dyed or printed goods, often eliminating expensive wet processing.
  • Fully automatic operation ensures accurate reproduction.
  • Lasting fuller natural handle, maximum volume and an excellent appurtenance
  • Fabrics are virtually shrink free after trembling
  • Crease free finishing goods