Super jumbo jigger

Super Jumbo with Single Motor Drive

  • Main draw roll of Ebonite or S.S. cladding
  • Surface drive with arm and rubber roll for even pressing.
  • D.C. or A. C. invertor drive.
  • Brake draw for controlling tension.


  • An Electronic Panel for automatic reversal and with a facility to preset the number of the fabric passage.
  • A Stainless Steel Hood with lighting and wiper arrangement to prevent steam from escaping into the atmosphere and to protect the fabric from the influence of the outside atmosphere.
  • Pneumatic Big Batching Device.
  • Circulation system to improve efficiency.
HYDRAULIC JIGGER ( 2000 R.F. ) 1000 KG. CAP.

Features of Our latest offering - Shakti Advanta Jiggers

  • Suitable for Woven and Knitted Fabrics.
  • Quality of Material of construction: S.S. :316.
  • 1000 mm to 4000 mm Width Range.
  • The Loading Capacity ranges from 100 to 2500 Kgs. Variable speed from 10 to 100 Mtrs./min. and Above.
  • . Selvedge Shifting Device fitted, for 750 Kgs and Above.
  • Uniform Selvedge -to selvedge Dyeing.
  • Uniform End- to -End Dyeing
  • Creaseless operation.
  • Low Power Consumption
  • Low Liquor Ratio (Saves water and Steam)
  • Auto Liquor Level & Temperature Controller is fitted to the Machine.
  • Auto Dye Liquor & Chemical Dosing System fitted to the Machine
  • Machine ensures Positive Tension & Speed Control
  • All Functions are Programmed through the P.L.C.
  • The Batch Oscillates during Stop-Overs.
  • Brakes are provided to ensure that the Machine Stops at Power Failures.
  • The H.M.I Touch Screen Panel is an Optional Feature.
JUMBO JIGGER 100-300-500 KG

For smooth and efficient performance, easy operation and easy maintenance. ‘SHAKTI’ Dye jiggers are your best buy. With latest technical improvements, ‘SHAKTI’ offers the most sturdy, smooth and compactly designed jiggers, that have excellent performance under most economical conditions, in the processing of light and heavy fabrics like:

 Cotton, Rayon, Silk and Synthetics.


Special Features:


  • The structure of the jigger, is made of the highest-grade iron casting.
  • The deferential gears are designed to reduce vibration and noise and delivers smooth driving and uniform speed.
  • Brake Drums are fitted with internal gears and heavy-duty shoe brakes. This equipment   helps in maintaining constant tension in the process and allows the operator to vary tension for light/heavy fabrics.
  • To ensure perfect creaseless running of the fabric. A Self Balancing oscillating device is fitted with rocker arms, S.S. Guide rolls and S.S. Expander bars
  • A 7 HP.AC Motor is fitted on the machine.
  • The S.S. Hood is made with two glass windows with wipers on either side. {The Hood can optionally be fitted with a special Lighting arrangement on request}click here(show hooded jigger IMAGE
  • Control switches are provided on both sides of the machine for easy use.
  • The machine has is fitted with a Circulation System for dyeing.
  • The machine is a one-piece unit which does not need any assembly or erecting.
E-TYPE JIGGER 300-500-750-1000 KG

PLC, HMI / Microprocesser based system 

Both draw rolls indepently driven with gear box motor 

Constant Tension and Constant Speed (Infinitly variable)

Less moving parts hence low maintenance.