Decatizing Machine

  • Cooling is made possible while drawing off.
  • Pre-determined adjustable cycles.
  • Shortest decatizing time.
  • Increased stability and high smoothness.


The machine is provided with :

  • Two main stainless steel perforated cylinders of 600 mm/800 dia. fitted with nozzles to avoid condensation and an extra stainless steel cylinder of 300 mm. dia. for drying the wrapper. This cylinder has a temperature Controller to control steam and to avoid damage to the warper.
  • Two MSS. hard-chrome plated rolls of 190 mm, dia. with both the cylinders, to keep the wrapper fully pressed without creasing.
  • One suitable roll with feeler switch to maintain properly the center of the warper
  • Plating down arrangement, with gear motor and for picking the fabric without tension.
  • A5HP. D.C/A.C Electric Motor (for main cylinders) with pneumatic torque clutch and brake, for easy control of warper tension and uniform surface speed.

Technical Data: 

            Nominal working width : 1500 mm. 1600 mm, 1800 mm.

            Fabric Speed : Rolling-up and rolling-off speed up to 45 meters/minute.

Outstanding Advantages :

  • Infinite warper tension control permits any desired even tension.
  • The pole-changer drives both cylinders simultaneously at all times.
  • Smooth and steady warper “take-up” obviates unequal Strain and distortion.
  • An automatic timer eliminates the possibility of human error and guarantees similar operational cycles.
  • A 15 H.P. Vacuum pump ensures increasing output and improves the ‘finish’, as it cools the fabric after steaming.  (Optional 5hp pump with cone & jet arrangement for vacuuming)
  • Pneumatic pressing devices avoids crease on the fabric.