Liquid Dispensing System

Liquid Dispensing System

Parts of the liquid dispensing system

  • Storage tanks
  • Pipe Line - inlet, outlet, Manual Override pipeline, pump.
  • Control valves, manual valve, quick release flexible pipes
  • Precision weighing funnel with germany make load cells(2 sets)
  • Display cum PLC HMI based Dispensing menu based software panel.


  • Two funnel dispenser's. One for more than 500Kgs.and second funnel for less than 500Kgs.
  • Software to dispense sequentially the exact quantity of liquid per meter (100-150...2000 meters)
  • Menu based liquid dispensing help reduce down time of the production line, as approximation is avoided.
  • Records consumption, can be printed per batch, per day, per month and per year.
  • Structured mixing department.


  • Reduced management reporting.
  • Consistent liquid mix.
  • Reduced wastage.
  • Reduced manual interference.
  • Clean mixing of material.
  • Reduce dependence on the mixing department.
  • Precise costing.
  • Better inventory management
  • Re-ordering support
  • Reduce cost overrun due to approximation
  • Multiple weighing systems made redundant.
  • Worker friendly(Multiple criss-cross movement avoided)
  • Reduced labor fatigue.
  • Manual records not required.