Wet Processing Machine


Special Features :

  • Adjustable pneumatic pressure, variable speed drive, best quality rubber and ebonite rolls and adjustable trough.
  • Allows the use of highly substantive dyes and minimizes the waste of dye liquor.
  • Pigment padding and continuous dyeing with high substantive dyes.
  • Cotton fabrics, mixed fabric or synthetic fabric can be padded effectively.
  • Stainless Steel adjustable trough permits immediate and thorough cleaning enabling change of shade quickly.
  • Machine is designed for working from heap to heap, heap to batch, batch to heap or batch to batch.
  • Swivel tension device and scroll rolls ensures creaseless  operation of the fabric.
  • Pneumatic Pressure adjustable up to 10 tons.

Technical Details :

  • 2 Bow! and 3 Bow! Mangle.
  • Vertical and Inclined Mangle.
  • Roll diameter 9”. 10” 12” 14”.
  • Roller width 60” to 142”.
  • Plaiting down and big batching arrangement.
  • D.C. Drive or A.C. Invertor Drive.
  • 10 ton pneumatic pressure.

“Shakti”, well versed with the manufacturing of S.S. Cylinder Drying Range, for the past 50 years now offer to the textile industry Multi Cylinder Vertical Drying Range suitable for pre, intermediate or final drying of fabrics.


  • Highly polished, non-magnetic stainless steel cylinders to give  high efficiency.
  • Range is equipped with Rotary Joints, Syphon, flexible pipes  vacuum breaker, and other accessories.
  • Cylinders mounted on pedestals and double row self-aligning ball bearings.
  • A.C. or D.C. Drive and compensator for synchronization with Mangle or Washing range.
  • |" Pitch Chain and Chain Wheel for smooth driving of cylinders.
  • High efficiency, low radiation losses.
  • The entire machine is on one common base of the same level, thus avoiding necessity of erection and alignment.
  • Every cylinder hydraulically tested up to 120 P.S.I. to get working pressure of 60 P.S.I.
  • Sturdy structure.

Working width :  60 - 140 inches

  • Cooling is made possible while drawing off.
  • Pre-determined adjustable cycles.
  • Shortest decatizing time.
  • Increased stability and high smoothness.


The machine is provided with :

  • Two main stainless steel perforated cylinders of 600 mm/800 dia. fitted with nozzles to avoid condensation and an extra stainless steel cylinder of 300 mm. dia. for drying the wrapper. This cylinder has a temperature Controller to control steam and to avoid damage to the warper.
  • Two MSS. hard-chrome plated rolls of 190 mm, dia. with both the cylinders, to keep the wrapper fully pressed without creasing.
  • One suitable roll with feeler switch to maintain properly the center of the warper
  • Plating down arrangement, with gear motor and for picking the fabric without tension.
  • A5HP. D.C/A.C Electric Motor (for main cylinders) with pneumatic torque clutch and brake, for easy control of warper tension and uniform surface speed.

Technical Data: 

            Nominal working width : 1500 mm. 1600 mm, 1800 mm.

            Fabric Speed : Rolling-up and rolling-off speed up to 45 meters/minute.

Outstanding Advantages :

  • Infinite warper tension control permits any desired even tension.
  • The pole-changer drives both cylinders simultaneously at all times.
  • Smooth and steady warper “take-up” obviates unequal Strain and distortion.
  • An automatic timer eliminates the possibility of human error and guarantees similar operational cycles.
  • A 15 H.P. Vacuum pump ensures increasing output and improves the ‘finish’, as it cools the fabric after steaming.  (Optional 5hp pump with cone & jet arrangement for vacuuming)
  • Pneumatic pressing devices avoids crease on the fabric.

Shakti Universal Singeing Machine eliminates pilling of polyester blends, improving the fabric surface and retaining a soft fabric handle.

Fabric tension is controlled throughout the machine in accordance with the type of fabric being singed.


Two burners with tilting type design prevents fire in case of power failure.

The flame width can be adjusted according to the width of the cloth to give different singeing effects. The flame height is variable from minimum to maximum.

The machine can be run on L.P.G. or Petrol and as such affords a maintenance free operation.

  • The Machine is fitted with an A/C Drive
  • It has a Felt guiding arrangement
  • The machine is fitted with Felt Tension adjustment mechanisms


  • Optimum washing results.
  • Extremely low consumption of steam, water and chemicals.
  • Simple, speedy and noiseless operation.
  • Powerful spray jets for better washing.
  • Fabric running is smooth and crease-free, with minimum tension.
  • High performance of pneumatic squeezer.
  • Raised hooded compartments fabricated out of stainless steel.
  • Sturdy cast iron structure to support washing tank and squeezing nip.
  • One piece cast iron pillar for supporting D.C./A.C drive and squeezing nip to avoid undue vibration.
  • Carbon/polypick bearings for immersed guide rolls, and ball bearings for top guide rolls.
  • Each nip has individual D.C. Drive / A.C Invertor Drive

Double action Shakti  Washomat® ensures the superb and spotless washing of all kinds of fabrics and  garments with minimum soap and detergent, resulting in more economy and greater efficiency.  Allows free shrinkage during washing, to develop grains in case of Nylon georgette fabric.

Inner drum fabricated out of  stainless steel to eliminate the  possibility of corrosion of the fabric during washing. The same is perforated with embossed holes to avoid damage to the fabric.
Outer drum made out of heavy gauge galvanised sheet, having sliding window and pocket for feeding soap and detergent.
Totaly encosed motor with ‘V’ belt pulley drive, for  vibration-free working of  the machine.
Apart from the “START” INCH JESSE 90 and “STOP” switches provided on the machine, provision is  made for the inner drum reverse after every 6 or 8 rotations.


Experience for more than 25 years in the field of Washing Systems for the textile, Laundry and Garment industries, Shakti’s ‘Tumbler Drier is an extension of this quarter century experience.’

Uses of the Machine

  • Bulking, softening and drying of all types of knitted goods ,towels and other items in natural and synthetic fibers or blends.
  • Finishing for loop/pile fabric woven, circular or warp knitted.
  • Finishing of sewn terrycloth resulting in 40%more volume even without wetting
  • Finishing and drying of bath mats and imitation furs.
  • Bulking and relaxing to enhance structure of the goods.
  • Hank yarn processing and for fixing fleece, coated with polyurethane or PVC layer
  • Special finishing effect on woven, knitted or tufted goods.
  • Crushing effects on artificial leather of upholstery plush.
  • Drying of all types of textiles.
  • To meet to special requirement adjustments can be made for heat setting and removing optical color faults/creases.


  • Shakti Tumbler Driers are equipped with direct steam injection , enabling the finishing of yarn dyed or printed goods, often eliminating expensive wet processing.
  • Fully automatic operation ensures accurate reproduction.
  • Lasting fuller natural handle, maximum volume and an excellent appurtenance
  • Fabrics are virtually shrink free after trembling
  • Crease free finishing goods